Who is a carer?

A carer is anyone who looks after a family member or friend who has a disability, mental health condition, chronic health condition, terminal illness, drug or alcohol dependency or is frail aged. Carers help with daily tasks such as emotional support, personal and household care, administering medicine and running errands.

Some carers provide care all the time, while some only provide care occasionally. Some carers, particularly young carers (under 25 years), may share their caring responsibilities with a family member or another person close to them.

Many people don’t see themselves as a carer – just a mum, dad, sister, son, spouse or friend – but anybody can be a carer at any time, and any age.

No matter what a carer's circumstance, support is available.

1 in every 8 people provide unpaid care to a friend or family member and 79% of these carers do not see themselves as carers.

Free carer support services

Carer Gateway is a national support service funded by the Australian Government providing free services for carers of all ages.

Wellways delivers Carer Gateway services throughout Queensland and the New South Wales regions of South West Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains.

Carer Gateway services are designed for carers, by carers to help build skills and reduce strain ensuring they are in the best emotional space for their important caring role.

Services include counselling, support groups, coaching, respite care, planning and practical advice. Find out more.

Our multilingual services deliver services in languages other than English. Find out more.

How to refer a carer in your care

As a trusted healthcare provider, you interact with carers on a daily basis. You can help them to identify as a carer and connect them with these vital services.

Early intervention is key.

Unpaid carers are lonelier, in poorer physical and mental health and less likely to be employed compared to the average Australian. They are more likely to experience financial strain, social isolation and gaps in education and employment.

Carers usually only access support services when they are at crisis point, many don't know they are a carer, many don’t know services exist to support them. Finding ‘hidden carers’ and informing them that support is available can help them seek support and prevent them from reaching crisis.

How can you help?

Our Carer Gateway Queensland and New South Wales teams are available 6am-10pm, 7 days a week. To speak to our team about how you can connect carers with support, call 1800 422 737 or complete the form below.

For carers in crisis, our Emergency Respite Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1800 422 737.

Find out more

Contact us to talk to one of our team for more details about our services and how you can refer a carer in your care.

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Contact us:

Call: 1800 422 737

Visit: www.carergateway.gov.au

Carer Gateway is a national service funded by the Australian Government.