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Tune in to care is a six-part podcast following the lives of five carers - Mary, George, Lena, Luna and Maya. Each with their own unique story to share, each living with the challenges that come with caring for a loved one.

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Every carer has a story to share


Mary has been a carer for almost 30 years for her grown-up son who lives with schizophrenia.

George has cared for others for decades in his role as a nurse and suddenly found himself caring for his son once he got diagnosed with autism.

Lena is a mother of three who carers for her Chinese speaking dad with Parkinson’s disease.

Luna is a parent who had to put a career on hold while caring for their son who lives with autism.

Maya is a young carer who at the tender age of 13 cares for her unwell father.

Host: Adrian Plitzco is an author, audio book producer and broadcaster at SBS Radio Melbourne.

Special guest: Georgie Sawyer is an In-Person Peer Support Facilitator at Wellways Carer Gateway. She has personal experience as a carer from a young age and understands the challenges and emotions that come with the role. Georgie is passionate about supporting carers and providing them with a safe space to share their experiences.

Tune in to care is supported by Wellways Carer Gateway.

Carer Gateway is an Australian Government initiative connecting carers with access to free services and supports. Wellways Australia delivers these services throughout Queensland and the New South Wales regions of South West Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains.

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