If you are a family member, friend or carer of someone living with mental health issues or disability, you can feel confident that Wellways respects and understands the important role you have in their life, as well your needs as an individual.

Our carer support services assist individuals who may be affected by their role caring for someone with a mental health issue or disability. We support people to look after their own wellbeing and feel more confident in their caring journey, and in their own mental health.

Here you'll find our services that can directly help you, stories about other carer experiences, and other articles and resources to assist you.

Find out more about some of our services below.

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    Carer Gateway

    Carer Gateway is a national support service funded by the Australian Government. It provides free support for carers.

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    NDIS Supports

    Does the person you care for qualify for NDIS assistance?

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    Helpline can provide advice and assistance in supporting your mental health, and that of the person you care for.

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    Wellways Services

    Wellways offer tailored services designed to support people affected by mental health issues or disability, as well as their families, friends and carers.

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Carer stories

Read the stories of other carers, and how Wellways has been involved in their caring role and personal wellbeing.


When Meadbh’s mum was diagnosed with dementia, her world became a challenge. "I really did think I was the only kid in the world that was doing this.”...
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Meadbh young carer gateway


Maurice Petrin has been a carer for a long time. He has brought up his two sons alone since his divorce twenty years ago and he’s also had caring duties in the past for his 90-year-old dad.
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Carer story maurice

Carer resources

These resources provide tips and information and links to other services and organisations.

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    Carer advice

    Read more about supporting the mental health of those you are caring for.

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    Care for yourself

    Find more tips about looking after yourself as a carer, from Carer Gateway.

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