Our vision of an inclusive community means supporting self-determination and social and emotional wellbeing for First Nations people, and acting as trustworthy partners in the work we do.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is our public commitment to meaningful action towards reconciliation while documenting our own reconciliation journey.

Our RAP is guided by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – colleagues, community partners, mentors – and shapes how we serve the people we support and behave with each other.

To make sure our RAP is alive within the whole of our organisation and front of mind every day, we asked First Nations staff and senior management to come together and set goals that feel like a stretch for us - that feel courageous.

Our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

Courageous Commitments A2 Posters

Commitments Wellways binds itself to

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags

Our Reconciliation Promises were co-produced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and senior managers.

Community strengthening community

Award-winning artist Heather Kamarra Shearer was commissioned to create an artwork interpreting how the programs and services of Wellways can provide support, advice and ongoing partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with mental health issues or disability and their families, friends and carers.

When Heather was first commissioned to do the artwork for Wellways, she was inspired by the organisation and the way in which we work, as our emphasis on community and cohesion shares similarities with the ethos of the Aboriginal family.

“It is about providing support. It’s not just about delivering the service to an individual. It is looking at holistically how the community—how the family, the extended family—can all be part of this. That is very much a way within the Aboriginal family … that's what I liked about Wellways. The areas of the service delivery, whether it was working individually, whether it was providing to the family, it all interconnected.”