What is advocacy?

Advocacy provides a voice for those who are struggling to be heard. It involves research, public education, influencing change (known as lobbying) through policies and laws, and promoting issues that are important to an individual, group, or section of the community.

Why is advocacy important?

In life, sadly, some groups are misunderstood, unheard or indirectly discriminated against. There are dominant groups in society that create a power imbalance that often overpowers marginalised groups. Advocates act on behalf of these groups and make sure they can access the right information and services.

What Wellways is standing up for

Wellways seeks positive change in laws, policies, social norm and behaviours through policy and advocacy which changes systems.

We identify barriers faced by those with a lived experience of mental health or disability, their families and carers which are forgotten or misunderstood by decision makers and provide innovative, community focused policy solutions. We work to advance equality and social justice, and to support the building of inclusive communities.

Our policy positions

Our advocacy team is responsible for developing insights and leading advocacy activities across a range of critical areas of social and economic policy. The team is focused on the contemporary challenges facing people with a lived experience of mental health issues, people with disability, their families, and carers. In particular, the social determinants of poverty and disadvantage, housing and homelessness, and the challenges of psychosocial disability and wellbeing.

We aim to influence positive system changes through the development of innovative policy solutions, policy submissions and recommendations, and collaborations with government and our sector partners, informed by the voices of lived experience and developed through applying the principles of co-production.