Mental Health and Wellbeing Services in Your Community

    Our mental health programs provide support for people living with mental health issues or who have mental health concerns to develop coping strategies and recover in their community.

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    NDIS and other supports (icare)

    Support to achieve personal goals for people who have a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), iCare, or other insurance packages.

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    Suicide Prevention and Recovery

    Building suicide awareness and prevention skills within our communities and supporting people and their families after suicide attempts.

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    Family and Carer Services

    Support for anyone caring for a family member or friend who has a disability, mental health condition, chronic health condition, terminal illness, or is frail aged.

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    Residential Support

    24/7 support in a homelike environment for people to work on their recovery.

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    Brief Therapies

    Support for people experiencing big changes in their life and who may have never accessed mental health support before.

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    Youth Services

    Support for young people in care and those dealing with mental health issues.

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    Housing and Homelessness

    Support for people to secure safe and affordable housing in the community of their choice.

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Our commitment to you

We listen

Your story is important to us. We work with you to understand what you need to get well and stay well.

We support you to be part of your community

We find the places and people that you want to connect with. We stand up for your rights and help create welcoming communities where everyone can belong.

We help you build the life you want

We ensure you have the best opportunities and supports to live a good life. Our services can help you develop the skills needed to take control of your own wellbeing, and make hopeful and confident choices for your future.