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Planning to provide for your loved ones and seeking advice from your trusted advisors are important first steps when thinking of preparing your will.

Wellways priority is to honour your intentions for your gift, so we do encourage you to let us know if you are intending to leave us a gift in your will. We would like to understand your vision for your gift and be clear about what you would like to achieve with it. We would also like to be clear and transparent with you about our organisation's needs, capabilities and what we can achieve through your gift.

Prefer to find out more on paper? Download the convenient Gift in Will guide that you can share with friends or family.

How to leave a gift in your will

How you or your solicitor can include a bequest in your will to Wellways Australia. 

Whether you are creating a will for the first time or updating an existing will, it is very easy to leave a gift in your will to Wellways Australia.

After meeting the needs of your loved ones, your impact through Wellways can continue long into the future through your legacy. It is a good idea to discuss important aspects about your will with your family and friends.

Legal details

Name: Wellways Australia Ltd

Address: 276 Heidelberg Road, Fairfield VIC 3078

ABN: ABN 93 093 357 165

Suggested wording for your Gift in Will

Your solicitor may find it useful to be able to refer to our suggested wording when updating your will. Simply ask your solicitor to insert the appropriate clause selected from the wording below:

“I give to Wellways Australia Ltd ABN 93 093 357 165…

[Please insert here the appropriate statement selected from the five options below:]

  • The whole of my estate
  • [insert number] % of my estate
  • the residue of my estate
  • [insert number] % of the residue of my estate
  • the sum of $ [insert value of your gift]

which I direct to be paid free of all expenses and duties of whatever kind and I express the wish that (but not the direction, as I understand that gifts must be unconditional) this Bequest be used for general purposes.

Directing your gift

Whilst you are free to direct your gift towards a particular purpose, we suggest you do not limit your gift by making it specific. A flexible bequest will achieve maximum impact, even if it isn’t realised for decades to come – it can be directed towards people in greatest need and support relevant, effective responses to changing contexts.

If you have already included Wellways in your will, we would love to know so we can thank you for your generous support and the impact this will have on the people we work with.

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Types of Bequest

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Please don't hesitate to get in touch for confidential information or advice on leaving a gift in your will. Simply phone Karen Wall, Key Relationship Manager on 1300 111 600 or email