Free support in your community.

What are Mental Health and Wellbeing Locals?

Mental Health and Wellbeing Local services support the mental health and wellbeing of Victorian communities, providing a convenient access point for support.

Local Services will be the front door to your mental health and wellbeing support, providing free treatment, care and support for people who are experiencing mental health concerns, including people experiencing mental health and substance use concerns at the same time.

It is free, easy to access and located in your community.

We believe anyone needing help should be able to access straight-forward continued support. We’ll be with you throughout your journey.

Who are the Mental Health and Wellbeing Locals for?

  • Anyone aged 26 years of age or older.
  • Anyone experiencing distress, mental health wellbeing or alcohol and other drug concerns.
  • Anyone who needs more support than they can get from their usual doctor but do not need hospital services.

What services are on offer right now?

We are primarily offering Telehealth services right now and can provide you with one-on-one wellbeing support and advise over the phone through our Wellbeing Navigators, who will guide and help you explore the services and supports that are right for you.

We will gradually start providing more services and expect to have fully operational services and supports 7 days a week by mid-2023.

What can I expect now and in the future?

You can expect to be asked ‘how can we help’. We are here to listen. Everyone has their own story, and we want to hear yours.

We are a safe, inclusive, and welcoming service. You can expect your cultural and personal needs to always be respected.

You will be able to decide what you need on your recovery journey.

You will talk to a mental health worker (this may be in person, online or over the phone.)

This worker will focus on listening and understanding your concerns so they can offer the right support.

You may wish for your family, carers and friends to be a part of your support and recovery, and we can help you bring them on your journey.

Local Services and contact details

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Free support in your local community.

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