The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) is a community mental health service delivering community based psychosocial supports for people experiencing mental illness in NSW.

Services delivered under HASI encompass a wide range of activities that build independence in daily life. Supports can include recovery planning, support to live independently, assistance to manage a tenancy, assistance to manage health and emotional wellbeing, as well as support to get involved in your local community.

How to access HASI

To be eligible for the Housing and Support Initiative you need to be:

  • 16 years or older, 
  • have or be at risk of having a severe and enduring mental health issue 
  • agree to be part of the program.

Referral is via your local mental health team or you can contact Wellways directly. To find out more about eligibility, referral pathways, or how HASI works please contact Wellways on 1300 111 400.

This program is funded by the NSW Government and delivered as a partnership between Wellways, Local Health Districts and the Department of Communities and Justice.