Wellways strongly supports a new initiative to make Australian workplaces more accessible and fairer for people who care for a loved one. Announced by the Australian Government during Carers Week, the Carer-Inclusive Workplace Initiative aims to improve inclusivity in the workplace for the 2.65 million Australians who are unpaid carers.

Having started as a self-help group by carers 45 years ago, Wellways continues to be an inclusive employer for carers. Wellways Carer Gateway Director Rachael Lovelock, who has been in a caring role for many years, confirms that Wellways will continue to promote equal opportunities for carers in the workplace and reduce barriers to employment.

'The Carer-Inclusive Workplace Initiative is an important reflective tool for all Australian employers, including Wellways and our Carer Gateways services, to undertake a self-assessment on how they are tracking when it comes to giving carers a fair go at having a career where their unique skills are valued', Ms Lovelock adds.

Launched by the Minister for Social Services Amanda Rishworth during Carers Week in Canberra, the new initiative forms a cornerstone of the National Carer Strategy. Rishworth confirms that the initiative is a new, carer-friendly workplace framework for employers.

Hon Amanda Rishworth MP
'Just as workplaces have adapted to accommodate parents caring for children, it is crucial that we acknowledge the unique challenges faced by carers and provide them with the support needed to thrive in their careers,' Ms Rishworth said.

During the launch, Ms Lovelock has confirmed that Wellways will take advantage of the valuable tools that are provided by the new initiative.

'As a Carer Gateway service provider, and together with our partners, we put lived experience at the centre of our work. Therefore, employing people with a carer background, and frequently reviewing how we employ them is of utmost importance for us to succeed in delivering vital services to people who need them,’ Ms Lovelock says.

To find out more about Wellways Carer Gateway, click here. If you are a carer and would like to know more about career opportunities visit our careers page.