"I really did think I was the only kid in the world that was doing this.”

When Meadbh’s mum was diagnosed with dementia, her world became a challenge. Meadbh felt very isolated and alone in her situation. ‘It was very difficult, particularly in the first few years of becoming a carer,’ she says.

She was responsible for the meals, driving her mum around and arranging support workers, all whilst trying to manage school. Stretched in many different directions, Meadbh felt lost and alone.

That was until she found invaluable support from Carer Gateway. ‘It was a very big relief because I really did think I was the only kid in the world that was doing this,’ she says. And the support didn’t stop at her mum. Through Carer Gateway, Meadbh was able to access tutoring and received assistance with school supplies.

Supporting and caring for another person may be a carer’s first priority, but it doesn’t have to stop them from fulfilling their dreams.

Meadbh encourages all young carers to look to Carer Gateway for support, ‘because I think you’ll find a lot of resources that are very helpful, and you’ll get in touch with other people, and you’ll definitely feel less alone, and you’ll be able to really get help – that help that you need.’

Meadbh realised that she wasn’t the only child in the world in a carer’s role. Thanks to Carer Gateway she is now in touch with many other people in the same situation and that makes her feel less alone.

Carer Gateway

Carer Gateway provides practical information and advice and connects carers of all ages with local supports. You don't need to be a new carer to use Carer Gateway services – any carer can use the services at any time in their caring journey.
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