Families, friends and carers often experience their own mental health issues, including high levels of stress, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression and problems with their physical health. People in supportive roles can also become isolated, have difficulties with their relationships and find it hard to sustain meaning in their lives. 

When your caring role is all-consuming, you can lose touch with the other important roles you play, and neglect your own needs and the needs of other family members or friends. You may also lose hope that your loved one may ever be able to recover and live a happy life.

Respite provides an opportunity for families, friends and carers to learn, connect with others and improve their wellbeing. You can take time for yourself, relax, reflect on your experience, and look at different ways to approach any issues you are experiencing. You can mix with other families who have had a similar experience, gain confidence and learn new skills to assist with your caring journey and family recovery.

Respite can provide:

  • a break away – either by yourself or with others that have had similar experiences
  • an opportunity to learn through workshops delivered by trained peers, who have had their own experience as a family member, friend or carer
  • an opportunity to discover self-care techniques that can be sustained in day-to-day life 
  • time away with your own family, including the person living with mental health issues
  • an opportunity to discuss family needs, including exploring natural and community supports

Referrals to respite are through self-referral, from other Wellways staff or from external organisations. Eligibility for respite will be discussed with you at the time of referral.

For more information, please contact Wellways on 1300 111 400.