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What is NDIS Recovery Coaching?

Work face-to-face with a Recovery Coach who has expertise and/or a lived experience of mental health recovery to plan and achieve goals and build independence.

The NDIS Recovery Coach will provide guidance and support for day-to-day activities and develop strategies to overcome challenges in a participant’s life caused by their psychosocial disability.

The Recovery Coach will work collaboratively with participants, their families, carers and other services to design, plan and implement a recovery plan.

How can Recovery Coaching help?

Recovery Coaching is an opportunity for a person to take more control over their life and manage any challenges.

NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching assists people to:

  • Build on their strengths
  • Increase confidence
  • Get motivated to make changes
  • Try new things
  • Improve relationships

How to access this service

Recovery Coaching is specifically designed to assist participants with an NDIS plan.

Recovery Coaching must be stated in a person’s Capacity Building funding in their NDIS plan.

To access this funding, speak to your NDIS Planner to discuss if this is a suitable option for you or contact us on 1300 111 400, email or submit the form below.