What is icare support?

Support workers and a clinical team provide care for people who have been severely injured at work, developed a dust related disease or been in a motor accident in NSW and ACT, to live at home and participate in the community.

How does icare help?

Our support workers provide in-home care to support people to identify and achieve their goals.

Backed by a clinical team who are there to deliver on-care advice, support workers work with a person to:

  • assist with personal care tasks
  • assist with daily living activities like shopping and meal preparation
  • take part in community events, group activities and get to appointments
  • develop new skills and friendships
  • assist in coordinating allied health therapies such as speech and occupational therapy
  • provide clinical/high level support such as continence care including catheter and bowel management, PEG care and wound management, as well as medication administration
  • coordinate supports and manage care plans

We have a team of Clinical Care Consultants whose key functions are:

  • Development, monitoring and review of care plans
  • Management of clinical requirements
  • Training support workers and nursing staff
  • Supervision of clinical staff
  • Providing clinical advice and instruction
  • Providing on-call support outside of normal working hours

How to access this service

Support is available to anyone who receives icare’s Lifetime Care and Support, Dust Diseases and Workers Care.

Contact our icare specialists:

Call: 0437 609 680
Email: twise@wellways.org

Call: 0403 072 785
Email: nsmith@wellways.org

Call: (02) 5925 5968
Email: csharpe@wellways.org