Wellways joins the Consumer Leadership Agency and additional leaders in the call for The Consumer Leadership Agency to be established as outlined in Recommendation 29 of the Mental Health Royal Commission.

Wellways joins other leaders of Victoria's community mental health and advocacy sector in the campaign for the Victorian Government to remain committed to establishing the Consumer Leadership Agency.

The Consumer Leadership Agency plans to play a key part in driving system transformation in a number of areas. The foundations for Victoria's new mental health system are currently being laid. With the Consumer Leadership Agency being absent from the rapidly changing landscape, consumer leadership is being sidelined and critical opportunities to influence the shape and direction of systems transformation are being missed. The Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing has highlighted this as a matter of concern.

We believe the Consumer Leadership Agency will make a substantial contribution towards the changes to Victoria's mental health system that we are all working towards.

Further information is provided in the joint call for action letter.