Wellways welcomes the Victorian Government’s steps toward righting the wrongs inflicted on Victorians who experienced historical abuse and neglect as children in institutional care before 1990.

These children were removed from their families without choice, with many suffering emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in the care of institutions that should have protected them.

We commend the bravery of those personally affected, and the journey they have walked together with family and supporters to witness this important milestone.

Wellways recognises the unique impact of trauma on individual's lives and understands that recovery is an ongoing process that we can all be part of. We will continue to listen, learn and work with communities and individuals to provide tailored mental health support for people impacted by the lasting effects of trauma.

This overdue apology is recognition and a step towards justice; a foundation for building a better life.

You can watch the Parliamentary apology to care leavers here. Victorian Parliament delivers historic apology to care leavers