Wellways’ core business is to ensure that individuals, carers and families affected by mental health, disability or disadvantage have the same opportunities as every person to belong and thrive. For us, this means accepting the truth of historical and present injustices and harms done to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and being honest about what it means to make amends.

We are steadfast in our commitment to walk with First Nations people on a journey to a fair and just future.

At Wellways we have a First Nation’s Caucus of Indigenous employees, and a First Nations Board member who inform the CEO and the Board on matters relating to Wellways’ engagement with First Nations peoples externally and internally, and to guide us in our commitment to true reconciliation. The First Nations Caucus also provides the opportunity for mutual connection and support for First Nations people across the organisation.

The Wellways Board and the First Nations Caucus met recently to consider Wellways’ public position on the referendum to enshrine a First Nations voice to parliament in the constitution.

The First Nations Caucus were united in their desire that the voices of all people be supported and respected as we approach the upcoming referendum.

We stand together in our goal of creating an inclusive community, both within and beyond Wellways.

The Wellways Board supports the referendum to enshrine a First Nations voice in the constitution as a step pursuant to the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

We do, however, acknowledge and respect that there are different views about a voice to parliament within the Australian community, and these different views are also reflected across Wellways’ employees, including members of the First Nations caucus.

We acknowledge that this process may also be a difficult time for all Australians, and we will seek to engage and support people through this process.

We have listened and we respect the different views of First Nations people and non-indigenous people, both within and outside our organisation.

We are committed to ongoing respectful and honest conversations with First Nations communities to progress our shared journey to a fair and just future.

Finally, we condemn abhorrent views and language that are formed by racism and hate. We encourage everyone to respectfully engage with First Nations people and to come to an empathetic view from the heart.