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A response submitted by the Australian Psychosocial Alliance (APA) of which Wellways is a member, has called for investment in recovery orientated psychosocial disability supports.

Who are the APA?

Wellways has contributed to the independent review of the NDIS during the National Disability Services (NDS) consultation period with the Victorian mental health sector. The Australian Psychosocial Alliance (APA) includes Flourish Australia, Mind Australia, Neami National, One Door Mental Health, Stride Mental Health, Open Minds and Wellways Australia. We are specialist providers of community managed mental health and wellbeing services in Australia, with most of us being registered NDIS providers with a particular focus on psychosocial disability.

What’s happening in Victoria right now?

The NDS is consulting the Victoria mental health sector to better understand the mental health needs of people with disability and how they are supported by health and social service systems. The feedback given to the NDS will contribute to the Diverse Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework and Blueprint being developed by the Department of Health, and will highlight the scope of concern within the sector for the mental health needs of people with disabilities.

What have we advocated for?

We strongly support the inclusion of people with psychosocial disability within the NDIS.

Psychosocial disability is a term used to describe a disability that may arise from a mental health issue. (NDIS)

It is not about a person diagnosis, rather, the functional impact and barriers which may be faced by someone living with a mental health diagnosis or condition.

A psychosocial disability arises when someone with a mental health condition interacts with a social environment that presents barriers to their equality and participation with others.

This is why we have recommended the review of the following priorities:

  1. Make the NDIS recovery-oriented
  2. Improve access to housing and support for people with psychosocial disability
  3. Fund a program of psychosocial supports outside the NDIS (Tier 2).

To read the full response you can download the link below.