The journey that led us to Our 4 Goals involved many people across Wellways as well as many people whom we work with and other people on the outside who shared their views on how we can become a better organisation to meet the changing needs of the community and the people we work with.

Consultation is at the foundation of the Strategic Plan. We took our time to get it right, talking to as many people, in as many locations, across the vast and diverse Wellways services landscape.

The two-year journey that started with thoughts and reflections, followed by thorough consultation has led us to a clearly define Our 4 Goals. The Wellways Board has steered the development of the plan from the start and, after concluding consultation, confirmed the way we will measure its success and the time-frame in which we will action it.

The two-year journey
leading to the Strategic Plan

The Board has driven all stages of the journey


Board sets direction of the plan

Employee input through surveys

Employee and participant workshops

External stakeholder consultations


External environment and competitor analysis

Agreement on Our 4 Goals

Employee and participant consultations on Our 4 Goals


Final Board support for the 2023–2027 Strategic Plan

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