A place that will support people to have hope again - that’s what peer worker Jess Clark says is so exciting about Yanna Yanna, Wellways newest Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) in Melbourne’s west.

Yanna Yanna is the first PARC in the state that women, trans and gender diverse people will be able to bring their children to. 

“I’m excited and proud to be a part of a crucial support service,”

“This is going to allow women the chance of recovery beside their children and instil hope together, as a family.

“I know from my experience that when you’re in the situation where your mental health is in crisis, usually there is no hope, and you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, coming to a place like Yanna Yanna PARC is a way to start to rebuild your hope for a future.”

After having her second child, Jess spent time in hospital when her mental health took a downward turn.  

“Personally, for me the bond with my child, there wasn’t one unfortunately, so having support to build a bond and then support on how to continue to build it after leaving hospital was pretty crucial not only for mental health but also for my son’s development.”

“If I would have had somewhere else to go after hospital and have both kids stay with me it would have changed our relationship.”

Jess hopes to use her experience to support other women.

“Some of it is even just giving another person validation – when I was in hospital, l I remember thinking I’m not sick enough to be here. Having someone say you are OK to be here, and you will get better. This is something, it’s treatable, recovery is possible -that can be so important.”

When asked who needs to know about this service the most, Jess says women who feel like they can’t get support because there’s nowhere for their kids to go.

“If I didn’t have someone to have my daughter, I wouldn’t have been able to go to hospital.

“I know for me there was a lot of guilt, and I was worried are my kids going to get taken away because I’m sick. So, coming to a place like this where they’re allowed to stay with you is just so beneficial. Where the point is to build that relationship and not hinder it.”


Our Prevention and Recovery Care programs offer an individualised approach to supporting recovery within a short term residential environment. The program has a focus on connecting with peers and the community; supporting a strong sense of self and focus toward the future.
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