What is PARC?

PARC is a welcoming, safe and understanding environment that aims to support participants recovery and independence.

The PARC service provides intensive residential recovery care for adults with mental health challenges.

The service provides short-term, live-in support for an average of 14 days with the aim of preventing a possible hospital admission.

PARC also offers recovery support for people leaving hospital, assisting their transition to home.

A PARC site is a supported service that operates 24/7 run in partnership with the Area Mental Health Service.

The local Area Health service provides the clinical services, which include managing the symptoms of mental illness and supporting mental health recovery.

How does PARC help?

Our PARCs offer a structured living space where people can develop self-management skills, re-establish routines and community connections in preparation for a return to community living.

PARC provides the opportunity to recharge, reflect and develop new skills with the support of a collaborative team.

Our programs offer an individualised approach with a focus on connecting with peers and the community, supporting a strong sense of self and focus toward the future. We celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of all people who come through the door.

Our PARCs offer group activities throughout the day. Groups are an opportunity to learn and practice new skills and strategies that support participants recovery. They also allow an opportunity to meet and learn from others.  Participants may even develop a new interest after trying it in a group at PARC.

No-one understands a participant’s experience as well as they do, so we aim to work alongside the participant, their family, carers and other providers to support them in their personal journey.

Who can access PARC services?

Adults aged 16-64 years who have a diagnosis or are at risk of developing a significant mental illness are eligible for a stay at one of our PARC sites. A participant who may benefit from additional recovery orientated treatment are welcome at PARC. PARC's can often be a circuit breaker for participants providing support to reduce distress or at critical life periods.

A participant must be engaged with their local Area Mental Health service, although some PARCs accept community referrals.

How to access PARC services

Typically, participants access their Area Mental Health Service who can refer to the PARC service. Community referrals are also accepted at some PARCs.

If you are a participant of an Area Mental Health Service speak to your support workers or clinicians to see if you are eligible to access PARC services.

PARC locations

Locations managed by Wellways in Victoria.

In collaboration with Eastern Health

  • Linwood PARC, Mont Albert
  • Maroondah PARC, Ringwood

In collaboration with NorthWestern Mental Health

  • Burnside PARC, Deer Park
  • Jewell House, Broadmeadows
  • Preston PARC, Preston
  • Travancore PARC, Flemington

In collaboration with St Vincent’s Health

  • North Fitzroy PARC, North Fitzroy

In collaboration with Latrobe Regional Hospital Mental Health Services

  • Bairnsdale PARC, Bairnsdale

In collaboration with Goulburn Valley Health

  • Shepparton PARC, Shepparton

In collaboration with Mildura Base Hospital

  • Mildura PARC, Mildura