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What is Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC)?

Our Prevention and Recovery Care programs offer an individualised approach to supporting recovery within a short term residential environment. The program has a focus on connecting with peers and the community; supporting a strong sense of self and focus toward the future.

A Prevention and Recovery Care site is a supported service that operates 24/7, run in partnership with the local Area Mental Health Service who provide clinical support at Prevention and Recovery Care including psychiatric consultations and allied health support.

How does Prevention and Recovery Care help?

PARC mental health services/facilities provide the opportunity to recharge, reflect and develop new skills with the support of a collaborative team.

PARC is a voluntary program, providing short-term residential support for up to 10 people on site, with an average stay of 14 days.

PARCs can often be a circuit breaker for participants to reduce distress at critical life periods. This can include preventing possible hospital admissions, or support for those leaving hospital to successfully transition back home and in the community.

No-one understands a participant’s experience as well as they do, so we aim to work alongside the participant, their family, carers and others to support them in their journey.

Features of Prevention and Recovery Care include:

  • An average stay of 14 days
  • One to one sessions with a dedicated Recovery Worker to explore personal recovery
  • A range of groups to learn and practice new skills
  • Connection and support from Peer Workers
  • Opportunity to meet and learn from others.

How to access this service

An Area Mental Health Service can refer people to our Prevention and Recovery Care service. Community referrals are also accepted at some Prevention and Recovery Care locations.

To be eligible for the Prevention and Recovery Care program, you will:

  • Be an adult aged 16 - 64 years
  • Have a diagnosis of, or be at risk of, developing a significant mental health issue
  • Currently be engaged in or referred by the Local Area Mental Health Service
  • Have somewhere to stay after the Prevention and Recovery Care program
  • Participate in the Prevention and Recovery Care program voluntarily

For more information on accessing, please email enquiries@wellways.org, call 1300 111 400 or submit the form below.

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