Free for families, carers and supporters. Wellways in partnership with Tandem delivers Connect Centres in Gippsland and Barwon South Western Victoria providing information, resources, and lived experience peer support.

What are Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect Centres?

If you are supporting someone who is experiencing mental health or substance use challenges, you can get free information, resources, and support.

We can help you to navigate the mental health and wellbeing system and provide practical and financial support that can make things a little easier.

Our staff are people who have been through it and understand what it takes to support a loved one with these challenges.

You’re there for them, let us be there for you. Further services will also become available over the coming months.

How can Connect Centres help?

There are currently more than 60,000 Victorians providing mental health care to family and loved ones, often going unpaid and without adequate support.

The Royal Commission into Mental Health recommended the provision of dedicated resources for family members, carers and supporters of people with mental health needs.

Family, carers and supporters play a significant role in supporting good mental health of everyone in a ‘family’. If carers are supported, the people and relationships around them improve.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect Centres are staffed with people who understand what it takes to support a loved one with a mental health and/or substance use challenge, and understand what families, carers and supporters need the most to live a good life.

A missing link in the community.

Hear from Wellways' Family Practice Advisor, Rowena Jonas on why the Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect Centres are so important.
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More information

Wellways will deliver Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect Centre services in Gippsland and Barwon Southwest Victoria, in partnership with Tandem.