What is the Wellways Helpline?

A free, confidential, and non-judgmental service providing mental health information, wellbeing support and referral advice for people with a mental health issue, as well as carers and family members.

People can call our mental health Helpline to talk to someone who cares and receive:

  • information about mental health, wellbeing and recovery
  • short-term therapeutic support, including our scheduled call program
  • tips and strategies for coping with mental health issues, including how to support a friend or family member
  • links to support groups, education programs and local community activities
  • general information about mental health related programs and services

All our Helpline volunteers are ‘peers’, people who have a lived experience of mental health issues.

How can Wellways Helpline help?

People struggling with their mental health are supported to:

  • handle negative emotions
  • develop and strengthen coping skills
  • feel less lonely or isolated
  • get information about community supports and services

Families and friends are supported to:

  • reduce feelings of frustration or of being ‘stuck’
  • decrease anxiety
  • develop coping strategies
  • gain a greater sense of awareness and hope

Contact Helpline

Call: 1300 111 500

Helpline is available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm, except on public holidays.