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What is Child, Youth and Family Engagement?

We work with children and young people to build skills and confidence to achieve the things they want in their life.

Through one-on-one support, we help create and maintain good relationships with family, friends and people in school or the community, and secure meaningful work or learning.

Peer groups are also available to participate in and can help people focus on building self-esteem and resilience, developing constructive communication skills, or setting goals.

We also support a person’s family so that they can assist their child in their mental health and wellbeing goals, including information, referral and education.

How does Child, Youth and Family Engagement help?

We provide supports for:

  • Cultural identity and belonging
  • Disabilities
  • Education, including provision of education and programs addressing exclusion
  • Family issues
  • Family violence
  • Identity and gender related issues
  • Mental health
  • Personal safety against all forms of abuse, neglect or exploitation
  • Physical health
  • Social and emotional development
  • Social exclusion

How to access this service

Participants that can access this service:

  • Children aged between 0-18 who are living with or at risk of developing mental health issues.
  • Parents and Carers of children aged between and who are living with or at risk of developing mental health issues.

Locations where this service is offered

This service is delivered at the following Wellways locations:

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