A death by suicide can be difficult and confusing for families, friends, workplaces and communities. It can be a time of increased risk for those directly impacted as they struggle to understand why it happened or what they could have done to help prevent it.

Following a death by suicide, people may avoid the bereaved due to not knowing what to say or do. For some people impacted by this kind of loss, it can feel isolating due to the stigma associated with suicide.

It's important for communities to have the capacity to respond to families affected by suicide. As well as having someone to comfort them in their pain, families also often need practical support.

The Wellways After Suicide Support Service can help connect the bereaved with supports at a place and time when they need it the most.  Supports can include material aid, emotional support, written resources, guidance on how to speak to children or loved ones about their loss and referrals to relevant support services.

The After Suicide Support Service is available to anyone living in the Murrumbidgee who is bereaved by suicide regardless of where or when the person passed away.

For further information contact Wellways on 02 5925 5911.

Download Self care info sheet PDF 463KB

Examples of practical support

  • Bring easy-to-heat meals to the bereaved
  • Offer to drop/collect children from school
  • Offer to take children to after school activities e.g. sport
  • Do some grocery shopping and help to keep the pantry full
  • Take the bins out on garbage collection days
  • Collect their mail (post box)
  • Organise for the lawns to be mowed
  • Offer to help with the house work e.g. laundry, washing up, vacuuming, putting dishes away
  • Let them know you are happy to come over for a cuppa and a chat
  • Offer to walk or feed the animals
  • Offer to water plants
  • Offer the bereaved assistance by packing up personal belongings in the workplace (call ahead to arrange a time to deliver items to family)
  • Ask the bereaved what can be done to help – and if possible arrange to provide the support. 
  • Offer to arrange for wood or water (if home is on tank water) to be delivered if required
  • Offer extra bedding for visitors e.g. camp beds, blankets, pillows

Need urgent assistance?

Wellways After Suicide Support is funded by Murrumbidgee PHN. The Primary Health Networks Program is an Australian Government Initiative.