We are always seeking people who recognise the value of sharing their experiences to create opportunities for inclusion and belonging for people who feel isolated and excluded because of mental health issues.

Our mental health volunteering and supportive programs focus on community inclusion, helping to create more welcoming spaces in community and supporting people to increase their sense of belonging within their community. We offer opportunities, training and support to people willing to give their time, skills, expertise, passion and energy.

General volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are the heart of Wellways, actively engaged in a variety of impactful activities that go beyond specific volunteer programs. These dedicated individuals provide essential support in areas such as administration, event hospitality, transportation, community outreach, fundraising, advocacy, and education. Their diverse contributions help us foster a stronger, more inclusive community and achieve our mission.

Locations: Geelong VIC, Gippsland VIC, various other locations across VIC, ACT, QLD, TAS and NSW

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Our volunteer programs

Current volunteer positions

All current Wellways volunteer positions are advertised on our careers portal.

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