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The UrHere campaign lets young people know how to access support in times of increased stress, suicide risk and isolation.  

Suicide Prevention Community Development Coordinator, Ned Evans, encourages everyone to spread the word, by sharing the video below.

"I see this program as an amazing opportunity for young people all over New South Wales to get involved and have their say on important issues and barriers they witness and experience when struggling with their own mental health," he said.

"I'm excited to grow this campaign into a well-established and recognised support network for all young people navigating their life and finding their purpose.

"I would love to see us as a community and society start to break down the stigma commonly faced by people with mental health concerns, as well as young people feeling comfortable reaching out for help when they need it and having the confidence that the person they are opening up to, will be supportive and caring.

"This is a chance for young people to stop living in silence, and instead start sharing their story and experience, as it may also help someone going through something similar."

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