Our peer learning program

Wellways Discovery is a transformative peer to peer learning program for anyone seeking the best life possible for themselves and their families. The program provides an opportunity for people who experience mental health challenges, or carers, families and friends, to share and learn from each other about mental health and recovery. The programs are held in a group setting or one to one and led by people who have a lived experience of mental health challenges and recovery. Facilitators provide a supportive environment that promotes learning and positive action.

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What can you expect from the program?

Wellways Discovery invites you to explore ways to improve your wellbeing in a supportive peer environment.

The program supports you to:

  • Develop relationships based on a shared experience
  • Strengthen your sense of identity
  • Explore and plan recovery and wellbeing, personally and as a ‘family’
  • Understand how stress and trauma operates and plan for support
  • Recognise and value your past experiences, resilience and wisdom

How is program is run?

The five-session program is available in groups or one-to-one, online or in-person and led by experienced facilitators who have a lived experience of mental health challenges and recovery, or by carers and family members. These sessions will typically be held weekly. People will be invited to join a group that suits their lived experience.

The program also offers an introduction and taster session and additional electives. The introduction and taster session provides information on what to expect and a chance for participants to meet others in group programs. There are a number of elective modules which the people can decide to continue on with or attend as stand-alone modules.

Online group programs run for two and a half hours whereas in-person programs can run for up to four hours including one or more shared meal breaks.  One-to-one programs, whether online or in person run for 1.5 hours per module with a meal shared if desired.  Sharing a meal between people is an important element as it opens up the space for talking freely, gaining support and meeting new friends.

The program is delivered using a range of learning approaches including discussions, videos and practical activities.

What is the cost?

This program is available free of charge.

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If you require more information, please contact Wellways on 1300 111 400 or email peerlearning@wellways.org.