Recovery means living as well as possible. What this looks like and feels like is different for everyone, and each person’s journey to wellbeing will also be different. 

Rehabilitation is one of the ways people can begin to recover and live well. The focus of rehabilitation is working out what a good life looks like for you and what skills, resources and supports you need to help you get there. Sometimes, rehabilitation means working on parts of your life that have been interrupted by illness and disability—especially work, study, home life, or relationships. 

Rehabilitation can involve many different activities and you can choose the ones that suit you best as part of working on your goals. Things you might try include:

  • learning new skills (or re-learning old ones) and practising until you feel confident
  • finding out about resources in your community, such as information, services, programs and groups, and how to access them
  • being part of a group program and learning alongside others
  • working one-to-one with someone who helps you to gain more control and confidence
  • working with peers—people who have had similar experiences to you and who can share with you what helped them

There is lots of good evidence that rehabilitation helps people affected by mental health issues and disability to live well and participate in their community. Research shows that with the right skills and support, people can work, return to study, build relationships and live a full life. Good rehabilitation support:

  • sees your strengths, rather than your problems, and builds on the skills and resources you already have
  • works with you on your goals, rather than other people setting goals for you
  • helps you to become more confident in managing your health
  • focuses on the things we all need to live well, including employment, education, relationships, living skills, leisure and wellness
  • helps you learn, practice skills and use resources in the community, just like everybody else

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