Having a home is a fundamental right and crucial to mental health recovery.

Though people affected by mental health issues should have access to safe and stable homes that enable them to recover and build lives in their communities, they often experience multiple barriers to living in their preferred environment, such as affordability, discrimination, stigma and a lack of consistent rental history.

Housing is more than just a place to sleep. It’s important to have a place you can call home. 

Things that are important to consider when looking for a home include:

  • having choice about the type of home that suits your needs, such as a house by yourself or living with others
  • finding a home within your community where you feel welcome and safe. This may be somewhere close to your family or other connections
  • knowing what help is available to you to secure and sustain housing, including financial, emotional and practical supports
  • understanding your rights as a tenant. You can read about your legal rights or ask for support from services, such as legal aid, tenants unions or consumer affairs
  • having resources to access or people to contact if things get challenging

If you need to talk, call our Helpline.

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