Wellways Speakers Bureau involves the presentation of a personal story of mental health issues and recovery. These presentations purposefully challenge negative community attitudes and stigma, and support increased community education and awareness surrounding mental illness.

All Speakers Bureau educators are trained to share their personal experience of living with mental health issues in a meaningful and informative way, and they work with community groups to increase social inclusion and awareness.

Speakers Bureau aims to:

  • provide meaningful contact between the community and someone living with mental health issues
  • offer complimentary education to mental health theory-based education
  • break down stigmatising attitudes

Target audience

Speakers Bureau presentations can be delivered as a single one-hour stand-alone education session or as part of a broader mental health education or awareness program, where expertise gained through lived experience of mental health issues and recovery would enhance content.

Our speakers can deliver to a wide range of community groups who identify the need for mental health education, stigma reduction, and an opportunity to discuss mental health issues within a normalised environment.

Frequently, Speakers Bureau presentations are praised as having the greatest impact within a mental health education program.

“The presenter’s story of his personal experience with mental health issues was engaging, inspiring and informative. I loved his honesty and compassion. It made me really think about my own assumptions and how we view people with mental illness.” Luke


Programs are run through Wellways. For enquires or to make a booking, please contact Wellways on 1300 111 400. You can also check what’s on in your area.

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