The Arabic speaking community within South West Sydney face substantial barriers to mental health service engagement. This CALD Toolkit was developed as a resource informed by the Wellways CALD Project, providing organisations with a guide to engaging Arabic speaking communities within mental health services and reduce barriers to service access. 


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Toolkit

The CALD Toolkit can be accessed in its complete format or as individual Guides. Guides are a condensed version of each of the CALD Toolkit chapters and can be accessed as stand-alone resources. For the most comprehensive understanding of Arabic speaking communities and information on how to market, build partnerships and ensure cultural competency, we recommend reading the entire CALD Toolkit.



CALD Toolkit guides

You may choose to access whichever chapter that is relevant to your needs as each is a stand-alone resource. However, for the most comprehensive understanding, we recommend reading the entire CALD Toolkit.


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A Practical Guide to CASI Framework

This Culturally Accommodating and Safe Interface (CASI) framework identifies ten essential values that define what a CASI would encompass for an Arabic speaking person.

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A Marketing Guide to Engaging Arabic Speaking Communities

A guide for organisations implementing marketing campaigns and community outreach with the aim to engage Arabic speaking communities (ASCs).

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SICAS Questionnaire - Worker’s Guide

The Social Integration and Cultural Affiliation Scale (SICAS) questionnaire is a tool that aims to assist mental health workers who are supporting Arabic speaking clients to understand the extent of a client’s social integration and level of cultural affiliation.

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A Guide to Partnerships with Arabic Speaking Stakeholders

Partnerships are an important part of building the rapport of an organisation within the community they are serving, and a powerful marketing tool.

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Service Provision Recommendations

This guide looks at the steps your organisation can take to ensure the services you provide reflect the needs of the Arabic speaking communities (ASCs) you seek to work with.

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More information

For more information or to speak with our CALD team, please email Ikram Moussa at or call Wellways on 1300 111 400.