Wellways uses the principles of choice, sustainability and social connectedness in supporting participants with the right to choose their home and a recovery journey that aligns to their needs, recognising that relationships and connections are essential to this journey.

Wellways has co-designed and delivered multiple, innovative housing and homelessness programs; Pathways to Home and Doorway. These programs work within a Housing First framework, which entrenches housing as a human right and as the priority for people experiencing homelessness or housing risk. Doorway and Pathways to Home are currently running in Victoria.

Wellways also delivers Homeless Outreach Mental Health Support (HOMHS) program for young people who may be facing homelessness because they are experiencing mental health issues and is delivered in the Barwon region of Victoria. The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) delivers community-based psycho-social supports for people experiencing mental ill health and is delivered by Wellways across NSW. Both of these programs assist individuals to work on their personal recovery and develop skills for sustaining a home in their community of choice.



Support for the individual
A Wellways Housing Support coordinator works alongside both the participant and the housing provider to establish reciprocal and sustainable relationships and empower and educate individuals to successfully manage their tenancy with the support of their care team.

Download the participant info pack (ZIP - 8.3MB)

Support for Providers
The Way Home aims to improve the housing literacy of Local Area Coordinators, NDIA Planners, and Support Coordinators. This will be achieved by providing resources that assist in identifying tenancies at risk, and show how to initiate the appropriate supports. The program utilises evidence based early intervention strategies.

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