We know that many people with a disability who identify as LGBTIQ+ experience significant barriers to accessing services and being fully included in the community. This bias and prejudice tend to function at many levels, including personal, interpersonal and institutional. It is often expressed overtly or in subtle ways with phobic language and behaviours from others, stigma or discrimination in all areas of life.

The Out Together project will improve the capacity of NDIS providers to recruit, train and support workers who identify as LGBTIQ+ and have their own lived experience of disability. The development of this innovative workforce will in turn support NDIS participants who identify as LGBTIQ+ to better access and utilise the NDIS.


Download the NDS Out Together report (PDF - 785KB)

The toolkit and resources

This LGBTIQ+ peer support toolkit has been developed through a co-design process with members of our workforce, individuals, family members, representation from LGBTIQ+ peak organisations and NDIS Local Area Coordination.

The toolkit and associated resources aim to support organisations interested in establishing an LGBTIQ+ peer workforce within their NDIS services. It may also benefit emerging service providers, interested in establishing a specialist peer or LGBTIQ+ service within the NDIS.

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Download Out Together
Toolkit (PDF - 2.1MB)

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Download Out Together
Trainee workbook
(PDF - 1.5MB)

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Download Out Together
Checklist (PDF - 39KB)

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Download Out Together
A4 Poster (PDF - 500KB)

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Download Out Together
A3 Poster (PDF - 1MB)

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Download Out Together
Training (PPTX - 7.5MB)


Video resources

Download Transcript (Text Document - 1KB)

Wellways is here to help

For more information or to learn about how Wellways can support you to implement the Out Together program, please email peerandcommunityed@wellways.org or call us on 1300 111 400.


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The development of Out Together is supported by a grant offered under the Innovative Workforce Fund, administered by National Disability Services (NDS) with funding from the Australian Government Department of Social Services. The opinions or analysis expressed in the content are those of the author[s] and do not necessarily represent the views of the Department, the Minister for Social Services or NDS, and cannot be taken in any way as expressions of government policy.