Your Life, Your Choice is a Queensland Government initiative that allows a person living with a disability, and their family, to have control over how their support package is spent and what services they choose to receive.

HealthCall, now a division of Wellways, helps you manage the funding package allocated by the Queensland Department of Communities Disability Services in order to meet your unique support needs and wants.

A HealthCall case manager will meet with you to discuss your care needs and how these can be fitted into your budget. The case manager will work with you to design your budget and help you make any changes as necessary.

HealthCall can provide the care services that you require as part of this service, or you may choose for HealthCall to simply manage your funds and you choose carers from another source.

Once you have agreed to your budget, HealthCall will provide you with a monthly update on the expenditure of your funds. To provide this service HealthCall is required to make an agreed charge against your funding package to cover costs. All expenses are clearly priced to ensure you are aware of how your funds are being spent.

HealthCall cannot and will not spend your funds on anything that you have not agreed to.

For more information, please contact HealthCall on 1300 363 898.