The Wellways to Recovery program is a recovery-focused, community-based rehabilitation service funded by the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services. It provides an evidence-based, all-inclusive approach to working with people experiencing severe mental health issues, as well as their family, friends and the community.

If you have severe mental health concerns, we can assist you in developing your own individualised plan and will work with you to build skills and confidence to achieve the things you want in life, such as forming good relationships with your family, friends and the people in your community, engaging in meaningful work or learning and creating a secure home for yourself.

When accessing the program, you can also choose to engage with an Intentional Peer Support Worker and our peer-led education and skills development opportunities, which provide up-to-date information, help identify your personal strengths and develop strategies to manage your mental health and plan for the future. Evidence shows that peer workers who intentionally use their lived experience of mental health concerns and recovery can inspire hope, confidence and a sense of empowerment.

To access the program you will initially be required to attend an information session with us and have a clinician prepared to verify that you have a diagnosed mental illness.

For more information, please contact Wellways on 1300 111 400.