Inclusive communities celebrate diversity and understand the strength that this diversity brings to the community as a whole.

"Inclusive communities challenge age-old prejudices and the established patterns of discrimination they foster, replacing marginalisation and isolation with affirmation, eager welcoming and embracement.”
(Salzer, M.S. & Baron, R.C. (2016). Well Together – A blueprint for community inclusion: fundamental concepts, theoretical frameworks and evidence. Published by Wellways Australia Limited, Melbourne, Australia.)

Mental Health Education for Community Groups

Would your group or organisation benefit from exploring how to respond to the specific mental health needs of people in your community? Wellways are looking for groups interested in hosting a Well Together workshop.

The Well Together workshops assist organisations and community groups to explore how they can build a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. In these videos, our Well Together facilitators reflect on how they work with people in creating inclusive communities – ones in which everyone has the opportunity to lead meaningful and satisfying lives and participate as fully as they would like as valued members.


Workshops are suitable for 10-20 participants. They are run by a qualified trainer and include a presentation from someone with their own lived experience of mental health challenges and recovery.

If you are interested in building a more supportive and inclusive community for your workplace or community group, take advantage of this opportunity to book a Well Together presentation by filling in the enquiry form below.

Self-audit tool

This self-audit tool is for organisations to help guide their internal change making towards being more inclusive after hosting a Well Together workshop. There are five sections with several objective points to assist in framing your own progress. We encourage you to work these to fit into your specific organisational context, goals, and journey towards being a more inclusive organisation internally and across the communities you live and work alongside.


Self-audit tool (PDF - 532KB)

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