Opening Doors provides support to people with mental health issues, based in Melbourne’s inner south. You will receive recovery-focused support in a 24-hour facility, run as a partnership between Wellways and Alfred Psychiatry since 2004.

The program offers a range of options and is a combination of adult clinical care Community Care Unit (CCU) beds and intensive and slower stream residential beds.

Opening Doors currently comprises 19 beds and you can move between service options according to your individual needs. Opening Doors focuses on the development of independent living and self-management skills. Physical and sexual health issues are also addressed. In line with the Wellways Community Inclusion Model, there is a focus on involving families and friends, and supporting you as you engage in valued community roles.

Our program offers an individualised approach to supporting recovery within a structured residential environment. While activities in the program are led by your needs and wants, key features of our programs are:

  • engagement with consumer peer workers
  • involvement of family members
  • focus on self-management
  • support to manage daily activities
  • building connections and engagement with community
  • nurturing and building natural supports to create sustainable recovery outcomes.

Referral into Open Doors is via Central Intake or Alfred Psychiatry.

For more information, please contact Wellways on 1300 111 400.