As a family member, friend or carer of someone living with mental health issues, it is important to consider your own emotional and physical wellbeing. It’s easy to put all of your energy and time towards supporting the person you care about, but forget to consider or place any priority on your own needs.

Family, friends and carers often experience high rates of grief, trauma, stress, depression, anxiety and poor physical health, as well as stigma, discrimination and social isolation. This can contribute to the breakdown of relationships and disconnection from your own family, friends and community

At Wellways, we provide individual support to develop skills and resources that can boost your capacity to offer effective mental health care. Family peer workers can support you in identifying with your own journey, focusing on your own physical and mental health needs, and maintaining other aspects of your life.

The family, friend and carer recovery programs at Wellways can assist you in connecting with your own journey, help you develop mutually supportive relationships and support your return to being a family member or friend, rather than solely being defined as a ‘carer’.

We also have a recovery-orientated program for parents living with mental health issues. Research shows that parenting provides people with a sense of meaning, hope and identity, and supports social and community participation. Being a parent can contribute to recovery and this program focuses on parenting strengths and empowerment, and reducing stigma. Talk to us to find out more.

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