Community Education is designed to support community groups to further their understanding and awareness of mental illness and increase recovery-oriented knowledge and skills. The workshop provides an opportunity for groups to discuss mental illness and mental health in a normalised space and challenge preconceived notions and stigma. Workshops styles are informal, involving theoretical information-sharing and group discussions.

Topics discussed include:

  • what is mental illness?
  • what is mental health?
  • the different types of mental illness?
  • the possible causes of mental illness
  • recovery and treatment
  • education through a lived experience of mental illness presentation

On completion of the workshop, it is expected you will have an increased understanding of:

  • mental health
  • mental illness, including types, causes, diagnosis and treatment options
  • mental illness symptoms and useful interventions
  • the promotion of mental health, prevention of mental health issues and early intervention of mental illness strategies

Target audiences include community groups, employers and employees, youth and corporate groups. Community Education is for anyone who want to understand more about mental illness and mental health. Group size is around 10-20 adults per session, though larger groups can be accommodated.

Currently the funding for this program is through the Department of Health and Human Service until mid-2018.

For more information, please contact Wellways on 1300 111 400.