Building a Future is an eight-session education program designed to assist family, friends and carers in maintaining their own wellness and supporting the recovery of their loved one. 

Building a Future Snapshot is a two-session education program developed in response to demand from family members and carers who are ‘time poor’ but in need of essential information and support. 

The Building a Future programs combine up-to-date research-based information with lived experiences. Facilitators are experienced family members and carers who are trained and accredited to deliver the program. This type of education offers the unique opportunity for participants to share and learn from the experiences of other family members, friends and carers in a supportive environment that promotes learning and positive action.

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Through Building a Future you will:

  • expand your understanding of mental health and recovery
  • learn about treatment and support options
  • identify practical ways to support recovery and strengthen relationships
  • develop communication and advocacy skills
  • increase your understanding of legal frameworks
  • identify ways to improve social and emotional wellbeing
  • explore the complexities of the ‘caring’ role
  • develop ongoing support networks

Program structure

Building a Future consists of eight weekly sessions. Each session runs for three hours.

Building a Future Snapshot consists of two sessions. Each session runs for three hours and can be delivered over one or two days. 

Sessions involve informal but structured learning, group discussions, videos, practical demonstrations and problem solving. The program also includes a presentation from someone with a lived experience of mental health and recovery.


La Trobe University’s evaluation of Building a Future has shown significant improvements for family members, friends and carers as a result of participating in the program. Outcomes include:

  • reductions in tension, worry and distress
  • improvements in communication and capability, and increased empathy
  • a sense of not being alone


Programs are run nationally through Wellways and other partner organisations.

For details about upcoming programs, please get in touch or see what’s on in your area.

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For more information, please contact Wellways on 1300 111 400.