What can you expect from the program?

Building a Future provides an opportunity to help build skills and resilience to better support someone who has a living experience of mental health issues.

Building a Future supports you to:

  • improve communication skills
  • strengthen your sense of identity
  • explore personal wellbeing
  • explore strategies to decrease stigma

This program is held in a group setting and is facilitated by people who have a lived experience of mental health issues or as a carer/loved one.

“Hearing other families’ stories helped me realise our family is not alone. In the same way, hearing someone’s story of recovery was extraordinary. It helped me to see that there is hope for the future.”


What is Building a Future?

Building a Future is peer education for friends and family members of people who have a lived experience of mental health issues.

The program provides an opportunity to gain skills to look after your mental health and wellbeing, while supporting the recovery of your loved one.

The program is delivered by Wellways Australia and is available free of charge.

Why peer education?

Wellways Peer Education offers a unique opportunity for participants to share and learn from the experiences of other people living with mental health issues. It takes place in a supportive environment that promotes learning and positive action.

Wellways peer education programs are delivered by Wellways Australia in locations across Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Programs are also delivered by partner organisations in various locations, including Queensland and Western Australia.

Choice of programs

Building a Future 

An eight session peer education program developed for those caring for a loved one with a lived experience of mental health issues.

A further four sessions are offered to participants following the eight week program.

Building a Future Snapshot

A two session program that may be offered over one day or over two separate weeks. The program provides carers unable to commit to the full program with essential information and support and the option of attending the full length program in the future.

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