What is Better Ahead?

Better Ahead is a Youth Psychosocial Support Program for individuals aged between the ages of 12 and 24, who are living with, or at risk of, developing a severe mental health condition and/or experiencing episodic distress.

Our young peer workers are focused on providing goal-oriented supports and guide you to live your best life.

Life can throw you some pretty big challenges from time to time. Whether you’re having a hard time at school, with friends, family, or at work, your emotions can easily get on top of you, and it can feel scary and difficult to talk about. That’s why we’re here.

How does Better Ahead help?

Our peer workers can help you with the challenges affecting you right now. Our support is tailored to everyone’s needs dependent on your goals. We can support you by:

  • Providing you with ongoing encouragement to do the things you enjoy.
  • Support though ongoing crises, or any challenges you may face in life.
  • Support to access services such as the GP, headspace, your local Community Mental Health service, and any other services that can support you on your recovery journey.
  • Helping you say connected in school or work, and with family and friends.

How to access this service

Better Ahead is for any young person aged between 12 – 24 who is:

  • living with a mental health condition or,
  • Is experiencing episodic distress and;
  • lives in the Murrumbidgee Region

All you need to do is send us your name, email address and mobile number and we will take it from there.

You can email: murrumbidgeeyouth@wellways.org
Call us:
02 5925 5911

Or submit the web form below.

You can also be referred to us by your doctor, care provider, or someone you trust with your permission.

We will contact you as soon as we hear from you. We are here, and ready to help you get Better Ahead.

If you are a parent/carer, friend or trusted mentor and you would like to refer someone you care about into the Better Ahead program, please ensure you have the consent of the young person before following the steps above.

Better Ahead is funded by the Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network