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Adult Step Up, Step Down (ASUSD) is a recovery-focused residential program that aims to prevent relapse and assist people in recovery from an acute episode of mental illness. 

The program provides a ‘step up’ from the community into a highly supportive environment for adults who may be becoming unwell and at risk of a hospital admission. 

It also provides a ‘step down’ for adults who have been unwell, admitted to a psychiatric in-patient unit and who would benefit from additional support to transition back into the community.

We aim to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment while delivering supports, matched and timed to your identified priorities. We work with you to bring about positive change and help you build an independent and fulfilling life within your community.


Adult Step Up, Step Down provides:

  • 24-hour support in a residential setting (in Lyneham, ACT)
  • An allocated key worker for the duration of your stay (up to three months)
  • Assistance in developing skills to live independently at home 
  • Help with re-engaging with family, friends and the community
  • Support in developing skills and independence in a variety of life areas, including employment and study
  • Assistance connecting with people, places and things where you feel welcome and valued
  • Help with managing your mental health and wellbeing
  • Drug and alcohol counselling (provided in partnership with Karralika Programs)


To be eligible for ASUSD you must be:

  • aged between 25 and 64 years and 11 months 
  • receiving clinical management through ACT Mental Health, Justice Health and Alcohol and Drug Services

Referrals are made by your clinical manager. All referrals are reviewed and considered based on eligibility. If you are eligible, we will meet with you to: 

  • provide more information about the program
  • identify areas you would like to work on
  • discuss how we would work together

ASUSD is a partnership between Wellways, ACT Mental Health, Justice Health, and Alcohol and Drug Services (MHJHADS) and Karralika Program Inc.

For more information, please contact Wellways on 1300 111 400.