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Wellways has won a five-year Australian Government Integrated Carer Support Service contract to deliver innovative carer coaching and face to face peer support groups.

Wellways, together with our consortia partners, is one of 10 community organisations to receive more than $490 million over five years to establish a new network of 16 Carer Gateway service providers.

Wellways and our consortia partners will be responsible for the establishment of the new network across Queensland and central New South Wales.  

Elizabeth Crowther, Wellways CEO said “this is a opportunity to deliver services that would directly benefit the carer, as well as provide immediate, practical steps carers can undertake themselves help them manage their daily challenges and build their capacity and skills.” 

“Wellways have delivered educational programs for families, friends and carers for over 20 years, in over 85 sites across the Australian Eastern seaboard,” said Ms Crowther. “The carer coaching model and peer support program has been designed collaboratively with carers and strongly aligns with Wellways Australia’s practice principles.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity to share our expertise and work with carers to deliver services, including carer support planning, face-to-face coaching, and in peer support and counselling, as well as care-directed support packages and emergency respite care.” 

“At Wellways we are very conscious we need to look after the thousands of unpaid carers in our community. This service will help carers and families sustain their caring roles and support them in a proactive way.”

Wellways is a leading national mental health and disability support organisation. 

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