Wellways staff delivered reports on several successful programs, including Partners in Recovery in eastern Melbourne, which has been adapted and successfully integrated into the local Chinese community. Several staff involved in the program are bilingual, as were some of the researchers from Monash University who evaluated the program.  

“We have spent six years engaging with the Chinese community,” said Jasmine Corbo, Acting Regional Manager, Eastern and North Western Melbourne.

“There are many barriers for the Chinese community when accessing these services, not the least of which is stigm in their own community... we learned they prefer help from family and friends,” Ms Corbo said.

Western Victoria Regional Manager Kate Higgins and Peer Worker Amielle Penny spoke about formulating the Out Together LGBTIQ+ peer workforce program. Along with developing a framework for other organisations, Wellways has also taken the LGBTIQ+ friendly philosophy into the workplace. As Mr Penny said: “I love my job. For the first time I feel celebrated in my workplace and feel I don’t have to hide my sexual identity.”