Leading community mental health and disabilities services provider Wellways Australia has today welcomed Premier Daniel Andrew’s announcement of a Royal Commission into the mental health sector in Victoria, and his promise to adopt any findings. Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Crowther called on the State Opposition to match the election promise.

“This is an important step for both people working in community mental health and the thousands of people we support,” Ms Crowther said.

“The community mental health sector hopes that the outcome of such a Royal Commission will lead to a bipartisan approach to mental health public policy, funding and service delivery.”

“Mental health is bigger than one issue,” Ms Crowther said. “With one in five Victorians experiencing mental health issues in their lifetime, there are many areas within the mental health sector that need immediate attention.”

“As Daniel Andrews acknowledges, there is a gaping need in mental health today. It is a need that plays out in various ways including in shocking suicide statistics, homelessness, our prisons, and so much more.”

Wellways released its Call to Action yesterday and called on the both major parties in the state election to appropriately fund community mental health services. The sector still needs a further $250 million over the next four years to close the gap in non-clinical community mental health services.

With 45 percent of Victorian adults (2.2 million) expected to experience some form of mental health issues in their lifetime, more must be done to support Victorians with mental health issues.

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