Social Inclusion Week (26 November to 3 Decemeber 2017) aims to help all Australians feel included and valued, giving everyone the opportunity to participate fully in society. During Social Inclusion Week, Wellways is asking the community to support our advocacy campaign:

Homes for everyone. Housing is a human right.
#rentalmyths #mythbusting #homesforeveryone

Wellways is calling for the continued funding of capacity-building housing services such as Doorway, which utilises the private rental market to assist those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and have mental health issues. 

For each day of Social Inclusion Week Wellways will be busting rental myths.

You can show your support by:

  • downloading the myths and busts below and sharing them on social media 
  • sharing the video below on social media 
  • sending us an email and telling us in a couple of lines why you support housing programs such as Doorway. We will post your support on our website
  • writing to your local MP or a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Tell them who you are and why you think it’s important everyone should have a home. Get more tips here
  • becoming a member of our advocacy community

Read more about the Wellways Doorway program.





Woman smiling carrying a box with text: 'Myth number one: people who experience mental illness can't manage a rental property. Busted: Wellways has supported 76 people to secured and maintain a private rental property through the Doorway program'

Two women talking with text: 'Myth number two: Real estate agents don’t rent to people who experience mental illness. Busted: To date, 70 real estate agents have engaged with Wellways to support the Doorway program and help secure private rental properties for Doorway participants'

Couch and coffee table with text: 'Myth number three: There are no private rental properties available for low income earners. Busted: Since Doorway started 451 eligible properties have been identified as available for Doorway participants'

Real estate agent walking and smiling with text: 'Myth number four: Real estate agents are driven by money, not people. Busted: Doorway participants are so highly valued that real estate agents have contacted Wellways about suitable properties before they go one the market'

Man smiling looking at camera with text: 'Myth number five: Renting is not secure. Busted: 17 Doorway participants have renewed their leases beyond the initial 12 month lease'

Man with dock unpacking boxes with text: 'Myth number six: Tenancy laws favour landlords. Busted: The Victorian Residential Tenancy Act is currently under reform to ‘Make Rent Fair’ and afford greater rights to tenants, such as Doorway participants'

Man and woman talking with food on table and text: 'Myth number seven: After leaving the Doorway program, participants will also have to leave their home. Busted: 42% of participants have secured employment since being in the Doorway program. 23 people are financially sustaining their rent independently of the Doorway Program'