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Four Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) sites located in Melbourne’s north western suburbs will come under new management commencing midnight Tuesday 30 June 2020.

The four PARC services in Broadmeadows, Deer Park, Flemington and Preston will be managed by Wellways Australia in partnership with NorthWestern Mental Health, part of Melbourne Health one of Melbourne's largest metropolitan public health services.

PARC services provide intensive residential step up, step down recovery care for adults with severe mental health challenges.  The step up, step down services provide live-in support for up to 28 days to adults requiring direct support following discharge from an inpatient admission before returning home or support to those who are at risk of a mental health related relapse, with the aim of avoiding hospitalisation.

Wellways CEO Laura Collister said “Wellways brings over 40 years of experience of delivering mental health supports and is a leading PARC provider in Victoria, now managing 12 sites across the state.”  

“The Wellways PARC model of care is innovative and aims to support participants in their recovery. Our programs offer an individualised approach with a focus on connecting with peers and community inclusion,” said Ms Collister. 

“Supporting adults who stay at any of our PARC sites to have a meaningful connection with their community recognises that our mental health is central to feeling valued and worthwhile, having a job, making a contribution to society and being independent.”

“We are looking forward to working collaboratively with NorthWestern Mental Health to support adults with severe mental health issues and implementing a model that will lead the way in the management of PARC services across Victoria,” said Ms Collister.

The PARC services are part of the wide range of mental health services provided by NorthWestern Mental Health, which provide comprehensive hospital-based, community and specialist mental health services to people across northern and western Melbourne.

NWMH Operations Director Peter Kelly says this will be an opportunity to work collaboratively with Wellways to continue to offer short term, flexible and responsive clinical and community services through the PARC program.  

“Working alongside Wellways means we will be able to continue to deliver our innovative, recovery focused programs that are providing vital care for people who no longer need hospital treatment for mental illness, while also reducing pressure on hospital beds by providing early intervention care.

“A major focus of the work of NWMH is around supporting our consumers, carers and families and Wellways has a strong record of delivering high standards when it comes to delivery these supports,” Mr Kelly said. 

Together, Wellways and NorthWestern Mental Health look forward to supporting consumers with severe mental health challenges at the four PARC sites, providing services and programs that are of the highest quality to achieve their goals and return to home and participate in the community.

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