Wellways has just won a two-year grant from the National Disability Insurance Agency supporting the successful Life in Community (LinC) program in the Australian Capital Territory. The program helps people get back into community life after, for example, an extended stay in hospital. LinC already supports people in Melbourne and the ACT, but the new grant means Wellways can assist a further 800 people across the next two years in the ACT alone.

“These days it’s quite easy for people to become socially isolated. Loneliness is as much a concern for those with mental illness, as it is for anyone in our society, and LinC helps ensure people are connecting with others and getting involved,” said Wellways Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Crowther.

“This important aspect of recovery must be addressed and we find this is a really successful way to ensure continued good health and wellbeing of our participants,” she said.

The LinC program helps people get involved and follow their interests by encouraging community linkage, building on natural supports – such as friends and family - and developing social connections, with volunteer guidance.

The funding means Wellways is now after volunteers to be trained in supporting others. You must have personal experience of mental health issues and be willing to undergo training.

More information available on our Life in Comunity page.